Baby Burping, What’s the deal? Quick and Simple parent tip.

Baby Burping what to do

Baby Burping, What’s the deal? Quick and Simple parent tip.When your baby is drinking it’s common that she or he may swallow air.In fact the more quickly she’s gulping the milk and you’ll even hear the glop-glop-glop sound and well then she’s likely swallowing air.If she’s actually drinking quietly and you can barely hear the […]

Using Pacifiers Past 6 Months Leads To Baby Problems Myth or Fact?

Using Pacifiers Past 6 Months Leads To Baby Problems – Myth or Fact?There are some babies that aren’t pacifier babies and they kind of give it up after three or four months and once a baby gives it up oftentimes they are not interested in it again so it becomes a bit challenging to reintroduce […]

Newborn Tips And Facts

50 newborn tips

Have you had your baby yet?Here are 50 Tips And Facts About Your Newborn You Need to Know.Ready? Let’s go!1. Take a baby wrap/carrier sling with you – one of your friends will surely know to explain how to use it. 2. Expose your baby to all possible positions and movements. 3. Manage a daily routine from […]

When Do Babies Start Walking?

When Do Babies Start Walking

Parents eagerly await the day when their baby is ready to stretch her legs and start walking on her own, they always ask when do babies start walking. Walking is a more complicated and advanced milestone, with several requirements for muscle development and coordination. Because of this, many children work up to walking slowly, and […]

When Do Babies Begin to Talk?

Babies start talking around the six-month mark, but learning language is a more complex skill to acquire. As a result, even though a child may be able to say small words at six months, such as “mama,” or “dada,” or “baba,” she may not start talking clearly or talking in full sentences until she is […]

How to cradle a baby and Why cradling is so important for your baby

baby cradling

Cradling in particular is a position in which you hold your baby in a way that supports him or her from head to toe… Cradling a baby has many benefits and potentially long lasting results, which range from affecting baby development in a positive manner, to assisting in feeding, and so much more. You can […]

When do babies crawl? When does it start? the complete guide

Baby crawling is the first effective means of mobilization of your baby. To crawl your baby first learns to stand on all six (on his hands and knees) so he can move forward and backward by pushing with his feet. As your baby develops he continues to develop his muscles in preparation to sit up […]