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Milestones For 0-24 Month Babies

The Secret Playbook For Your Baby Future Milestones

The award winning WHAT TO EXPECT: Milestones For 0-24 Month Babies is a month-by-month guide filled with activities designed to support your baby’s development during their first two years of life.
In This Book, You Will Discover:
  • Clear descriptions of major developmental milestones for every month of your baby’s first two years of life, including a checklist of all major milestones to help you track your baby’s development every step of the way
  • Equip with age-appropriate activities that are specifically designed to encourage learning at each developmental stage during your baby’s first years
  • Filled with unique developmental exercises, Fill-in schedules, unique insights into your baby development, practical and concise information and much, much more.

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Justin Melaugh,

New York

One of the best thing I did in my parenting journey was getting this book! I've found this book to be very helpful at understanding the developmental "leaps" that children go through in their first years. I reference this book often, and it has helped me be a more empathetic, understanding parent! I would recommend this book to all parents, and the combination with the videos makes it a 5 star rating.

In This Book, You Will Discover:

Everyone's perception is more beautiful if they know they're understood. This also applies, perhaps even more so, to babies, but understanding a baby is not that easy because their perception is so different from ours. With this book, we hope to show you the perception of your baby so that you know what is going on inside their little head and that they feel understood and appreciated. It provides your baby with the opportunity to develop in their own special way and to reach their true potential. It's the foundation of a smart start for a happy beginning.

In this book you will learn how to stimulate your baby's mental and physical development and help him or her turn their first two years of life into magical development leaps. In twenty four months, your newborn will transform into a child. To celebrate each new development, What To Expect: Milestones for 0-24 Months babies offers a practical month-by-month guide to understanding the major milestones in your child’s life.

This second edition of What To Expect: Milestones for 0-24 Months babies by Mary Drummond is the most compassionate, down to earth, simple and supportive book for parents on the web today. With this secret playbook for your baby future milestones you will make milestone mastery a joyful, natural, and richly fulfilling experience for both you and your baby.

About the Author: Mary Drummond 

Mary Drummond is the author and the co-author of several books for parents, including Parenting Cycles, The Natural Parenting Laws and The Boom Series. Mary has been helping mothers and babies in the great state of Texas with breastfeeding for the past 19 years . She has been accredited as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and has a bachelor's degree in psychology. Her passion is helping new mothers simplify their lives and meet their parenting goals.


What People Are Saying


Lara Kelly,


This is a great read for new parents! I'm still following along with it since my baby isn't a year old yet and it covers almost all my inquiries. This is especially nice, as being a new mom is already overwhelming. I just flip to a seemingly applicable section and quickly find answers to my worried mom questions. Everything is laid out and organized perfectly.

Anna Smith,


I did the new mom thing and bought the books. I diligently read a few chapters of each of them before abandoning them for Google. This has been the only book that I consistently read and reference. I enjoy seeing what milestones my baby has hit or is about to hit and this book is split up nicely so that you read each section as it pertains to your child...

Johanna Stewart,


This was written well and with good information. I have found it both encouraging during rough patches and helpful - especially when trying to figure out what new games/toys my little one may be interested in now. I think this is a must-have and would recommend.

Cecilia Amar,


this book is a must! It always explains those times when I start thinking "whats wrong with my baby? She was fine last week and now ____". I love reading about the milestones! It also helped me notice that my older kiddo was NOT meeting milestones when he was a baby. He ended up having gross motor delay and I was able to start getting him services at 11 months old, partially thanks to this book!


Milestones For 0-24 Month Babies

The Secret Playbook For Your Baby Future Milestones

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The Secret Playbook For Your Baby Future Milestones

Make milestone mastery a joyful, natural, and richly fulfilling experience for both you and your baby.

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