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My Baby First Magic Ball - FREE!!

The My Baby First Magic Ball™ is a unique SensoMotoric toy, developed especially for babies 0-3-Year-old. Give your baby his/her first soft and flexible toy ball to play with and let them explore for hours of fun guaranteed.
My Baby First Magic Ball Features:
  • Soft and flexible design. Easy for little fingers to bend and squeeze.
  • Nontoxic and baby friendly materials Only!
  • Improves your baby fine and gross motor skills.
  • Gives your baby sensory stimulation while playing.
  • ​Improves your baby coordination

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B.W. Sally

Her favorite toy since birth! Loves grabbing it, smacking it, and watching it move. Mezmerizes and amazes her when I twist it and smash it between my hands. She liked it so much, we bought another at the store with a rattle noise to it.


This is the best baby toy ever and so versatile! It is soft and the open ball form allows an infant to hold it and explore it. I gave it to my grandson when he was just 3 months old and he loved it. His little fingers wrapped around the brightly colored ball and he could hold and manipulate it. And of course, he could get it to his mouth. As he grew people rolled it to him, and it even travels with him when he visits Grammy and PopPop. He is almost one year old and it is still his favorite toy. It comes in several sizes too and the primary colors are great. Now he throws and rolls it. It cannot damage anything so I recommend it very highly.

Jenna. S

This is one of my 6 month old daughters favorite toys. It really helps with sensory development and she loves to grab it and hang on to it every day. Because of all the holes in it babies have an easy time maneuvering it in their hands and not dropping it. She grasps and puts it in her mouth to see how it feels. It is very easy to clean and when they are older they can use it to throw and play outside. One of the best 6 month old toys by far.

Tiffany C. Bomer

I just couldn’t see why everyone was talking about this toy. Yet I ordered it anyways because I literally couldn’t find a single negative thing about it and it was supoose to be this great thing. Well I was proven wrong. I’m so glad I ordered this. It is literally the only thing my 3 month old will actually play with. And it’s super flexible and I wasn’t expecting that at all.

Michael Fishler

I buy these balls for every newborn I know. At about three months, as they start to demonstrate some coordination with their hands and feet, this becomes their favorite toy. Easy to handle, soft enough to not hurt, light enough for small muscles.

Nikki. B

​We lost our larger version of this type of ball. My son loved it, so I went online for a replacement. Sadly it appears the next size up is no longer manufactured. We preferred the larger one. Bummer.

Dola Simantov 

​I bought these for my daughter a few months ago and she has loved them from the time I got them and still plays with them now. Her Dad likes to toss the ball to her and she attempts to throw it back. It is easy for a baby to grip the ball, and she enjoys chewing on it, too.

Chen Zeng 

​I love this toy!!!!!!!! My kiddo was having a hard time grasping her toys since she’s got tiny hands and I could tell it would frustrate her. Got this and its one of her favorite toys. She loves holding on to it and waving it around or trying to eat it. The material is super flexible and squishy and the colors are really vibrant.

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