January 7

Parenting Version 3.0: The Ultimate Playbook For Parents In The 21st Century


Parenting Version 3.0 book is the ultimate playbook for parents in the 21st century. In this book you will learn step by step how to make your children future brighter, confident,  successful, better students and how you as the parent can give them the strength and the tools to fight against failures.

Create a home full of peace and love for the whole family, parent your children to the future and not the present.

Parenting Version 3.0  offers you valuable ideas, suggestions and methods to become a successful parent each day of your life and in your children life. This book will show you why strict and permissive parenting do not work but most importantly it will show you what really works. You will learn just how easy it is to embrace a parenting style that better suites you and will be positive for your children.

This book makes it easy for you to accomplish one of the most important task of your life—parenting.  It offers you valuable ideas, suggestions and methods to become a successful, positive, and extraordinary Parent, but this is not all… This book also contains an introduction to a parenting system that can help your children become extraordinary and over achievers in life. After all, it is a dream of every parent to see their children enjoying successful, happy and peaceful life.


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