January 7

What To Expect: Milestones for 0-24 Month Babies


What To Expect: Milestones for 0-24 Month Babies is a month-by-month guide filled with activities designed to support your baby’s development during their first 24 months of life.

In 24 months, your newborn baby will transform into a toddler. To celebrate each new development, What To Expect: Milestones for 0-24 Month Babies offers a practical month-by-month guide to understanding the major milestones in your child’s life.

In this book you can find your baby development milestones for the first two years of your baby’s life. This development book is divided into 6 age categories:

0-3 Months | 3-6 Months | 6-9 Months | 9-12 Months | 12-24 Months | 24+ Months

Each category is filled with clear descriptions of major developmental milestones, unique insights into your baby development, the five developmental domains: Gross and Fine motor skills, Social and Emotional skills and Communication and Language skills.

What To Expect: Milestones for 0-24 Month Babies includes:

  • Clear descriptions of major developmental milestones for every month of the baby’s first two years of life, including a checklist of all major milestones to help you track your baby’s development
  • Unique insights into your baby development with practical and concise information
  • Over 60 age-appropriate activities that are specifically designed to encourage learning at each developmental stage during your baby’s first two years of life.
  • A guide to the worry parent, helps you assess if and when your child may need professional intervention regarding their development.

With What To Expect: Milestones for 0-24 Month Babies you’ll learn how you can help your baby explore and enhance their new abilities as they develop, while having fun and strengthening your oh-so important bond.


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