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9-12 Months Development

At this stage, in the 9 to 12 month period, your baby can crawl on her belly and on her hands and knees. As she rises and crawls on her hands and knees, your baby begins to move towards independent sitting.

Here, for the first time, your baby must use a narrower surface for balance, and she must learn to balance herself through her upper body. At this stage of sitting, your baby’s balance system and her ability to balance towards her body’s center becomes crucial.

What to expect?

At this stage of your baby’s life she is able to crawl on her belly, and can even rise up to crawl on her hands-and-knees. As she crawls, her balance system, and her independent movement ability in space continues to develop, and we must continue to guide our baby in the next developmental stages.

At this stage of sitting, your baby’s balance system and her ability to balance towards her body’s center becomes crucial. It allows her to detach her hands from the floor, and implement her fine motor skills more explicitly with clapping, eating independently, drawing, and more. In addition, you can see your baby’s first attempts to stand up on both feet while leaning on an object.

Another characteristic of this stage is your baby’s ability to communicate with her surroundings in a clearer way as she begins to stand and play around, or even in some cases begin to circle around objects, and begin walking step by step.

Each stage is built on the previous one. Your baby must complete each stage in her development. Therefore it is important to continue guiding her and instilling a solid developmental base, which will lead her through to the next developmental stages.

Where Should You Focus?

When your baby reaches the 9-12 month stage we suggest that you focus with your baby on:

  • Provide your baby confidence in sitting and the transitioning to crawling with custom games and exercises.
  • Focus on the fundamentals of transitioning from sitting to standing. - Important!
  • Start to help your baby develop confidence in standing securely without falling.
  • Focus on independent standing and give your baby the confidence she needs in the first steps she is making. - Important!
  • Teach your baby to move more safely in space and to block when losing their balance - the Parachute Reflex and Rocking.

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